Tim Ennis

Ever since I moved to the Boston area and began using a bicycle as my main form of transportation in 2005, I have enjoyed pushing the limits of what a bike can actually do. From my first attempt at making a packmule bike – my beloved shopping cart bike, to my Kona Ute longtail cargo bike to the rolling bike shop , I have always been obsessed with doing more than just riding around.

A few years back, while working at my first mechanic job, it occurred to me that running a bicycle-powered mobile bike shop would be not only far more convenient for many cyclists, but would also enable me to earn an honest living while doing what I really want to do – riding and repairing bikes. This idea stuck with me, and as I gained more experience and spent more time in the bike industry, the more I wished I could be working on my own terms. After years of working my way up in the bike shop business – from mechanic to head mechanic to shop manager, I felt that it was time to make my dream a reality.

I started out with a wooden trailer I built from scavenged parts and a goofy Raleigh cruiser:

While the first trailer didn’t last very long, Rolling Wrench has been gaining momentum at a surprising pace. I almost can’t believe how lucky I am to do what I love every day – riding and working on bikes!