Introducing Holy Spokes!

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Introducing Holy Spokes!

We’ve been hard at work setting up our new Brick-and-mortar bike shop! We opened on July 25th in the D-Street Village building, at 3050 SE Division. We’re really excited about the possibilities that having a storefront AND a mobile repair shop can open up!

Our goal, as always, is to keep people riding by offering fast and convenient service and a great selection of bikes and accessories. We’re open from 8-8 weekdays and 10-6 on Sundays, which means we’re actually open when you need us. We also offer same-day turnaround on most repairs, so you can get back to riding as soon as possible.

While expanding into an actual storefront is a great thing, we certainly don’t intend to forget what got us here. We will continue to operate as a 100% pedal-powered mobile bike shop. Our primary focus is still offering great service that is super convenient, whether that is in our shop or in your driveway!

Check us out at or come in and take a look around!


I Broke My Money Maker (or The Sound of One Hand Pedaling)

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I Broke My Money Maker (or The Sound of One Hand Pedaling)

Here we are again: mid-April! The sun is starting to come out more regularly, everything is green and lush, and everyone is riding bikes. Well, ALMOST everyone. Thanks to one fateful evening at The Lumberyard, I’ve been on crutches with a broken ankle and fibula since late February. I’m just now getting back on my feet, and should be back on the bike pretty soon. We’ve been trying to keep up our normal level of service, but it’s been tricky. I’ve done a bunch of appointments by car (which makes me feel like a fraud!) and built up this cool hand bike to get around:

20140414_071253Needless to say, I’ve probably dropped a few balls, so my sincere apologies to any of you who have had to deal with delays or untimely service.

The good news is, I’m back on two feet, and we’ve got a new mechanic on board to help us keep up with all of your bikes. We’re looking forward to another amazing Spring!


New Product: The Defender by Gotham

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New Product: The Defender by Gotham

It always feels a little like Christmas around here when something new shows up. And we’ve been in that holiday spirit quite a lot recently. Between an addition to the fleet, a new trailer, and our first-ever e-bike, we’re getting so excited for the 2013 season we can barely handle it! So this morning, when the FedEx truck pulls up (a day early) and drops off our latest gift to unwrap, The Defender light by Gotham, we knew it was going to be a good day.

The light is billed as “the last bike light you’ll ever need”, and I’m hoping that is a true statement, ’cause this thing is AWESOME.

Both the light itself and the hardware came in their own cloth bags. I love it when  someone spends a minute thinking about how they package their products. The light  has a nice heft to it, not too heavy but substantial, kind of like your favorite rocks  glass. Fitting for a light named the Gotham Defender, the light is matte black and looks  like a high-tech gun (also available in chrome for you cowboys out there). The main  attachment uses a special security screwdriver to mount it to the handlebars.  Additionally, the battery compartment is secured with a tiny little flat-head set screw  that looks like it would be tough to get out without the included driver. So any would-  be thieves would have to be both very well-prepared and extremely lucky to walk  away  with your fancy new light/laser gun. And if the unlikely happens, Gotham    guarantees  their products, so they’ll replace it just like that!


 We have both black and silver lights  for sale! The black sells for $65, and  the chrome for $60. For you riders in  Portland, this includes same-day bike  delivery by yours truly. We’re still  working on our online order system,  so for now just shoot us an email and  let us know quantity and color, and  we’ll get right on it!



THIS is how we do it!

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THIS is how we do it!

Wow, the past week has been AWESOME!

Opening up Rolling Wrench in Portland, meeting a ton of you out on the streets, riding in the Division/Clinton parade, eating watermelon with the Thursday evening commuters in Ladd Circle, and getting married to the bike shop in a lovely ceremony at the mobile chapel of love (set to a Steely Dan cover, no less!) will all make the highlight reel for 2012. We’ve made a bunch of new friends, and turned more than a few wrenches on the bikes of Portland!

I found myself being asked the same questions at every turn: Where do we usually set up? Will we be back here tomorrow? Where is our main shop located? “So, you’re like AAA for bikes, right?” (more…)

We’re open in Portland!

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We’re open in Portland!

It took a little longer than expected, but we’re open for business in Portland!